Charter Vs. Public Schools

For many of us, as parents, it's a tough decision: should we send our kids to a charter school, or to a public school? Is there any difference at all? Public schools follow a strict educational system that is a standard educational program in all schools across the country. Regardless of your child's grades or abilities, public schools are all made the same, offering equal rights (and demands) for all students.

Charter schools, on the other hand, can also be considered public schools (in a sense that they do not charge tuition), however, they offer much more freedom to the children they accept. Working towards improving children achievements, charter schools have become popular over the past decade and continue to gain popularity. While both charter schools and public schools are easy to apply to and are not paid for, charter schools often offer a higher level of education, mainly because they focus on students strengths and consequently, later on, have a higher rate of their alumnus accepted to colleges and universities.
If you wish to make sure your child will get a more personal approach, which public school simply cannot provide, charter schools is a fantastic (yet free) alternative to a standard public school education. Another fundamental difference is that charter schools have a higher standard in some of the school's key areas, such as the selection of teachers, and make bigger emphasis on parents' involvement in children's learning process.

While public schools may seem like the most logical and natural choice for vast majority of parents, Charter schools, despite being established just a few decades ago, is a very advantageous alternative worth considering. We recommend reading up more material about particular schools in your area, but definitely do keep all your options open, and perhaps go and visit them, so you can compare and form your own opinion.

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